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Program Type: Community Event
Age: Teens
Allowed Ages: 13 to 18 and up
Registration for this event has closed.

Teens (ages 13-18) with an adult, world hunger is an ongoing issue that's not always foremost in our minds. Many people never know what it's like to eat their fill. Many never have the ability to provide food for themselves or their families on a daily basis. The library has partnered with Oxfam, a non-profit organization focused on targeting this issue, to deepen the way people think about poverty and hunger.

At this hunger banquet, with food provided by the Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen, guests take on the roles of people who are well-fed, hungry, or somewhere in between, randomly drawing tickets that assign them to different income levels. Some receive a filling dinner, while others eat a simple meal or share sparse portions of rice and water. Participants will take on the roles of real people from around the world to see what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes.

Teens who attend this program and bring two non-perishable food items to donate to the soup kitchen will receive two community service hours. Each teen must be accompanied by an adult. Please register each person attending.

SPECIAL NOTE: For a more enriching experience, consider consuming very little food or none at all from the morning of the program until the banquet. This will help you better understand what hunger feels like for a large portion of the world's population. Limiting food is not recommended for anyone with health issues, so please fast at your own discretion. Fasting is not a requirement for attending the event.