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Program Type: Speaker, Science/Tech
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Celebrate One of the Greatest Achievements in Human History

Fifty years ago, July 16, 1969, three men launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to fulfill a mission set out by President John F. Kennedy: land on the moon and return safely. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins did just that; and for an exhilarating moment, the world united and celebrated this incredible feat.

Apollo 11 showed what happens when humanity aims high, when science and creativity are united in achieving something truly great for the human species.

The Apollo 11 broadcasts reached as many as one billion viewers, almost everyone on Earth within reach of the satellite television signal. At the time, it was the largest audience ever assembled for any human event. It had a profound philosophical effect on society, an existential moment experienced via global television, a moment that remains unrivaled in the history of our species.

Join Greg McCauley, executive director of the Link Observatory, as he tells this remarkable story.